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Our Theory

For the last several years, we have been listening to our peers. We as young people want to be engaged and connected with our communities and other communities around the world. However, sometimes we are confused about how best to do so. Connect & Care wants to bridge the gap between young people and impactful non-profits so that everyone can turn their empathy into action.

What We Do

1. You text "ConnectNU" to   555-888 for C&C Texts!


Getting started is so simple, all you need is your phone! After texting us, you immediately get opted into our service and receive messages straight from us

(no bots allowed).

2. You receive texts from us about volunteer opportunities!


When we hear about exciting volunteer events, you’re the first to know. We tell you about the event, organization or non-profit involved, and whom you’re working with while making event registration seamless for you.

3. You engage with our campus, Evanston, and Chicago!

ConnectNU (2).png

Once registered for an event, all you need to do is show up! Some of our texts will be about long-term opportunities, others will be for one time events. After each experience, we’ll send you a text to hear your feedback about working with our non-profit partners.

4. You learn about the next opportunity to get involved in!

ConnectNU (3).png

We’ll continue to update you on the volunteer opportunities and events happening around Northwestern and Evanston. All you have to do is pick and choose where to make your impact next!

Keep up to date about volunteering for the causes you're passionate about.

Text "ConnectNU"

to 555-888

for C&C Texts!

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